BatchBoy Chemical Transfer System

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The BatchBoy is designed to transfer agricultural chemicals from their source container into a sprayer tank and to accurately measure the volume of chemical being transferred.

The BatchBoy is installed between your freshwater nurse tank and your sprayer. A transfer pump is needed to pass the water through the BatchBoy as it fills your sprayer.

The BatchBoy creates a vacuum with a venturi-style vacuum generator. As water passes through the unit, it is directed through the venturi and causes the venturi to create a vacuum.

The BatchBoy uses this vacuum to draw chemical out of its container and transfer the chemical into the measuring chamber of the BatchBoy. Once the desired amount of chemical is drawn into the measuring chamber, the BatchBoy uses this same vacuum source to remove the precisely measured amount of chemical from the measuring chamber and mix the chemical with the water that is passing through the unit to your sprayer tank.

The BatchBoy measures chemical by true volume. Chemical is drawn into a measuring chamber fitted with a sight tube which is graduated and calibrated. Only liquid volume is measured.

A rinse feature allows rinsing the measuring chamber and its sight tube. Rinse water is sent up the sight tube and into the measuring chamber to wash down the inside of the chamber.